GE Logic E Ultrasound Special for MSK and Anesthesia Physicians



Project Description

Clinical Benefits of MSK Ultrasound

• Same day diagnosis
• Moves patients to treatment phase faster
• Increases interactive nature of the examination
• The dynamic, real-time nature of sonography requires personal interaction with the patient, often resulting in a more directed examination, specific for each individual.
• Better Visualization
• See the needle and the injectate in precise location
• Visualize blood vessels and nerves before advancing needle
• Many Applications
• Tendons, Ligaments, Bone Surface, Nerves, Bursa, Synovium, Cartilage, Foreign Bodies, etc.
• Interventional Procedures
• Ultrasound can be used to guide needles for biopsy, aspiration, injections and dry needling

Proven clinical benefits for MSK Ultrasound
• High treatment compliance rate
• No wait for imaging results
• Patients in pain get treated faster
• Enhanced patient perception
• Affordable technology exists

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